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If you’d like to submit your paper electronically, please contact Bob Nasson at nasson@tcr.org for information on how to do this.

If you have questions about submitting essays to The National Writing Board that are not answered on this page, please look at our Frequently Asked Questions. It is very likely that your question has been asked before, and that your answer can be found there.

Essay Requirements

Papers may be on any historical topic, ancient or modern, foreign or domestic, and may be submitted in two categories: Short (papers of around 4,000 words) and Long (papers of around 8,000 or more words), both with Turabian endnotes and bibliography. Text must be double spaced with a font size of 14 point. Page numbers must be included. Three copies of the essay must be submitted with only the title and length in words showing on the first page. Do not include your name, the course, school, or any other information on the paper. (Readers know nothing about the author, except that he/she is a high school student). We spend about three hours on each paper. Essays must be accompanied by our 'Form to Accompany Essays' a check for the review fee (see form for details). If you’d like to submit your paper electronically, please contact Bob Nasson at nasson@tcr.org for information on how to do this.

Academic Honesty

Students submitting papers for evaluation must affirm that the paper is their own work, and they must submit a form stating this, signed by them and by their teacher, and witnessed by a notary public. Plagiarism is academic theft, and will be dealt with in the appropriate way.

Benefits of Submission

You will receive a three-page report, with two sets of scores and comments on your paper. Colleges have expressed a great deal of concern over the writing (and attendant reading) capabilities of their entering freshmen. By submitting your paper to The National Writing Board, you can discover how your academic work stands up in an independent evaluation, of academic nonfiction writing, that is not affected by grade inflation. The National Writing Board will also encourage more interest, on the part of high school history and literature instructors, in the amount and the quality of academic writing they require of their students.

Submission Form

Click on one of the following links to view the form and print it: National Writing Board Submission Form (PDF). Please fill out the form completely, and do not forget to have the form notarized. Essays and forms should be sent to:

The National Writing Board
730 Boston Post Road, Suite 24
Sudbury, MA 01776 USA

More Questions?  Check our FAQ.

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