Evaluation Process

Each paper that is submitted to the National Writing Board is evaluated by two readers, who grade the paper in five areas:
I. Reading (Sources)
    Score: (1-6)
II. Thinking (Understanding)
    Score: (1-6)
III. Elaboration (Use of evidence)
    Score: (1-6)
IV. Writing (Use of language)
    Score: (1-6)
V. Overall Result
    Score: (1-6)
The total score (from 5, the lowest, to 30, the highest) is the average of the score given by each reader. Final scores have these equivalent grades:
Raw Score = Letter Category Reported Score

28-30 = A+ Superior 6
23-27 = A Very Good 5
18-22 = B Good 4
13-17 = C Average 3
8-12 = D Poor 2
5-7 = F Very Poor 1
Scores Distribution 2000-2011
Scores Chart

Sample Reports

Four sample author reports are available on this website. All are in pdf format.

Author Report: "Average"
Author Report: "Good" (1)
Author Report: "Good" (2)
Author Report: "Very Good"

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