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“The writing lessons were invaluable, covering material and strategies I had never learned in school.”

Ryan Chung, then a sophomore at Manhasset High School in Long Island, NY, attended the 2015 TCR Summer Program and wrote an account of his experience for Imagine magazine. You can read a copy of his article, "Historians in Training." here.


The Concord Review Summer Program is a 2-week intensive workshop that provides guidance for high school students in writing high-caliber, in-depth history research papers. During the program, students attend interactive group classes, have individual meetings with the instructors, attend a question and answer session with past authors, work in research and writing sessions, visit historical sites, see documentaries on various topics in history, and read past Concord Review essays.

The program also includes time for students to have discussions with their peers on history-related articles, what they have learned, the topics of their paper, and other history research and academic-writing-related topics.

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Last year's students liked:

Personalized attention from instructors

"What I liked the most about this program is the 1:1 consultation with the instructors. Through some direct conversation, I was able to explore some in-depth knowledge about topics I didn't know about, and I also appreciated the respective tone that the instructors had."

"I thought that the quality of feedback that I received during the program was great. All the instructors were very knowledgeable and experts in their field."

"I loved the fact that I was able to ask questions whenever I wanted, and that there was always someone there who would be there to help me with my work and anything I had a problem with."

"I really appreciated the fact that the teachers took the time to answer questions outside of class and took the time to schedule individual meeting times"

It was a great opportunity to get suggestions and feedback about my writing skills from a variety of people."

Independent work and freedom to explore

"I liked the undistracted free time that we had to write "

"I liked the freedom we had to explore multiple topics and how much the instructors were interested and knowledgeable about whatever we chose."

"I feel like the fact that we get to independently work was most valuable about the program… I was surprised when the teachers let us investigate the topics on our own, and during conferences, they asked me about what topic I wanted to do or what I was interested in researching. "

"The most meaningful part of the camp was that I could independently conduct my research. Rather than using the concepts I already know, I could go above and beyond my area of knowledge and learn interesting facts I have never thought of. As I applied the information I collected to my paper, I could also enhance my critical reading skills. "

A diverse toolbox of new skills

"What I liked the most about the program is that we got to go the National Library of Korea and actually research; all the stuff we learned about how to write helped as well."

"It was helpful to get a lesson about how to write a history essay before I actually start my IB in the school. [I especially benefitted from learning] how to use footnotes and find 'good' resources to support the idea that I want to tell to the readers."

"I learned how to improve my organization and note-taking skills"

"I learned a lot about Chicago style citation, as well as how to research in a college library."

"I learned some basic words and or phrases I should avoid using, and I also learned how to find and use information from library books."

"I learned some good skills on note-taking, writing introduction/body/conclusion paragraphs, finding scholarly sources, and making revisions on the paper."

"I learned how to write a history research paper-- all from beginning to an end. It was a very useful time, and will help me a LOT later on when I'm writing another research paper."

"I learned how to write a historical research paper using various credible sources. Before the program, I knew that there were structures for writing, but I never thought it was valuable to follow those structures. During this program, however, I learned the importance of sentence and paragraph structures."

"I found that the most valuable part of the program was that I learned how to create a powerful thesis. I struggled with this often, but now I think I fully know about how to create one based on finding a good question."

A new experience for the future

"I had never written a history paper before, so I found that this program was especially helpful for a fresh start."

"I found learning how to structure an essay was the most valuable thing to know. My whole format of writing has changed!"

"I liked the trip to the National Library of Korea the most. Before the trip, I always wondered how researchers read through old documents and make analysis of them. I also wanted to have a chance to read physical sources as I mainly read internet sources so far."

"I liked how we all bonded as a whole during this program; it allowed me to meet many new people that I wouldn't have been able to meet otherwise"

"I learned many useful techniques about analyzing primary and secondary sources, as well as techniques that will improve my writing in High School and beyond."

"I found the knowledge and friendships gained at this program to be incredibly valuable."

The opportunity to complete something that I would never have had the motivation or resources to do on my own."

"This summer program dwarfs what I've done so far in my history classes at school"

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While the TCR Summer Program provides first-rate personal coaching on serious History research papers, participation cannot guarantee publication. The Concord Review selects about 5% of the papers submitted. While we welcome submissions from students who have attended the TCR Summer Programs, their papers will be considered alongside other papers submitted by diligent students from many countries.

Have you already filled out the application and just want to pay?  Then just Login using the link below and the email you used at registration:

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