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Middle School 2021/22

MS History Seminar Online

TCR History Seminar provides a forum for 13 to 15 year-olds to read and discuss History books. Very few U.S. students are ever asked to read a nonfiction book before they finish high school, and those that do are quite often not reading History books. The goal of the History Seminar is to give middle school students an introduction to History books, and a chance to enjoy them. It is our goal to create History buffs who want to read for the pleasure of discovering the past and adding both to their academic vocabulary and their knowledge of civilization.

MS Summer Camp Online

The Concord Review History Camp for Middle School students aims to promote a love for history by allowing students to conduct in-depth research into their chosen historical topic (ancient or modern, domestic or foreign). A TCR writing camp always asks students to investigate a historical passion they have. We never tell students what to write about!

During the camp, students will be asked to thoroughly research a historical event or person that interests them. Therefore, prior to the camp, participants are encouraged to talk with their parents (or teachers) about an interesting historical event to analyze during the 10 day camp.

In addition to promoting a love for history, the camp will introduce young historians to skills they will need as they progress through high school. In particular, students will learn reading and writing strategies specific to writing a research paper.

Students will be taught to: develop their chosen topic into a thesis, practice historiography, locate a variety of sources, expand their point of view, incorporate quotes, and create their narrative, to name just a few.

Camp Dates & Cost

 Application Deadlines

MS History Seminar 1

Sept 12 - Oct 31 (8 Sundays)

Eastern Time
Tuition: $ 800


MS History Seminar 2

Nov 11 - Dec 26 (8 Sundays)

Eastern Time
Tuition: $ 800

 MS History Seminar 3

Jan 9 - Feb 27 (8 Sundays)

Eastern Time
Tuition: $ 800


MS History Seminar 4

Mar 6 - Apr 24 (8 Sundays)

Eastern Time
Tuition: $ 800


MS History Seminar 5

May 8 - Jun 26 (8 Sundays)

Eastern Time
Tuition: $ 800


Camp Dates & Cost

MS Summer Camp Online

Jun 27 - July 8

Class time: 5 pm PDT (8 pm EDT)

Tuition:  $2,950

Application deadlines:

Early application: Dec. 31st. 2021, 11:59 pm EST (UTC-5)

Regular application: Feb. 28th, 2022, 11:59 pm EST (UTC -5)

 Please note the Time Zone of the online classes.

MS History Seminar Cancellation policy

More than 30 days prior: Full refund
2 weeks prior: 25% refund
One week prior:  No refund will be made for any reason.

MS Summer Camp Cancellation policy

Until 2/28/2022: 100% refund
March 1 - March 31,2022 50% refund
April 1 – April 30, 2022: 25% refund.
After May 1, 2022: No refund will be made for any reason.

Before you apply

Applications are reviewed on a rolling admission based on availability.

If you are qualified, we will send you an email with the link and the instructions to register.

Applications must include a Transcript. Make sure you have  a copy of your transcript to upload with your application.

Be prepared to answer these questions on your application:

Spring Seminar Online:

Please list the nonfiction book(s) you have read in the past year. What was your favorite? and tell us about it.

Summer Camp Online:

Please share the person (or event) that interests you. Also, please include some resources you will use to assist you in your research (books, internet links, videos, interviews, etc.). 

Be prepared to complete your application in one sitting. You will not be able to save your entries for later completion.

Cancellation policy:
Check YOUR SESSION above for the correct cancellation policy.

While the TCR History Camp provides first-rate personal coaching on serious History research papers, participation cannot guarantee publication. The Concord Review selects about 5% of the papers submitted. While we welcome submissions from students who have attended the TCR Summer Programs, their papers will be considered alongside other papers submitted by diligent students from many countries.

If you have any questions, please see the Summer Program FAQ or contact Steven Lee at

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